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Keeping your Sirportly account tidy

Posted in May 2018 

Recently, we added a number of features across all our services relating to our work for the GDPR coming at the end of May. This mostly included security features such...

SSL on Support Centres

Posted in June 2017 

Recently we've deployed support for free SSL with Let's Encrypt for custom Codebase and Deploy domains and we're now delighted to announce the release of the same feature - for...

Keep on top of your tasks with checklists

Posted in April 2017 

When you receive a ticket from a customer, there may be a number of tasks that need to be completed before the ticket can be resolved, or a reply sent...

Restrict access to your helpdesk based on IP

Posted in April 2017 

As part of some new security features you may have already noticed being added to Sirportly, we've now deployed the option to restrict access to your account to specific IP...

Keep on track with Timers

Posted in March 2017 

Sirportly has a powerful timer system that you can use for a wide variety of applications in your helpdesk. Today we're going to look at setting up a simple timer...

Ticket tags

Posted in February 2017 

We've just added a useful new feature to Sirportly today - the ability for staff to set ticket properties automatically by using tags in a ticket update.

Pinned private notes

Posted in January 2017 

We've just introduced a handy new feature to Sirportly - the option to permanently pin a private note to the top of a ticket!

Maximum ticket age matching

Posted in January 2017 

We're pleased to introduce a new feature to the Sirportly platform - the ability to set a maximum age when matching customer messages with existing closed tickets.

Linked Tickets

Posted in October 2016 

Hot on the heels of the recently added features in Sirportly, we're delighted to announce the addition of linked tickets!

New features

Posted in October 2016 

We've been hard at work adding a number of new features that have been requested by our customers, so we'd like to give you an update about them.