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New Features

We're always pushing new features to our products. We post about them all on our blog so you can find them all in here.

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Sirportly Android v0.7

Posted in May 2016 on the Sirportly blog

We're pleased to announce a new release of our Sirportly application for Android, which includes a number of new features and fixes:

Additional contact notification

Posted in March 2016 on the Sirportly blog

We've just introduced another feature to Sirportly - a notification within the contacts tab in any ticket so you can quickly identify if there are any additional contacts included within...

Favourite tickets

Posted in March 2016 on the Sirportly blog

A new feature has been added to the Sirportly platform today - the ability to create your own arbitrary list of important tickets.

Draft Articles

Posted in December 2015 on the Sirportly blog

As part of our 5.4 release of Sirportly, we're pleased to introduce the option to save a Support Centre article as a draft while you're working on it and before...

Artboard 7

Better Contacts and Companies

Posted in June 2015 on the Sirportly blog

Today we're introducing a new way to view your contacts and their associated tickets; by company! Open up your Contacts tab in Sirportly and select 'View Companies' on the right.

Enhanced Responses

Posted in March 2015 on the Sirportly blog

We all know how useful it can be to have replies written and ready to go for quick replies to common enquiries. Sirportly's Responses takes care of this quickly and...

Improved Ticket Navigation

Posted in March 2015 on the Sirportly blog

The best features are the ones that let people get on with their work quicker and easier. Sometimes that just means making a small, simple addition to your user interface.

Sirportly and Customer Thermometer

Posted in February 2015 on the Sirportly blog

Recently, we've been working with our friends over at Customer Thermometer to integrate their excellent customer satisfaction survey tool with Sirportly.