Recently we released Sirportly 5.3, which has introduced a host of new features and improvements, many of which were requested by several of our customers.

Allowing tickets to be forwarded out of Sirportly

As a heavy user of Sirportly, I'm personally pleased to see this feature available to use. Now within the main ticket interface, you will see a new "Forward" button; just click that and you'll see the familiar interface for creating a ticket.

Forward button

Enter the new contact and add a message in the usual way and you'll create a new ticket for the new contact, but post all previous updates from the original ticket to them at the same time.

Forwarding a ticket

Removing attachments from existing tickets

For any of you that have sensitive data in the form of an attachment in a Sirportly ticket, you'll be pleased to know that you can now remove attachments from ticket updates, without the need to delete the ticket or split and delete the update.

When you're looking at a ticket update with an attachment, you'll now see a delete icon when you hover over it.

Removing an attachment

Re-assigning tickets when removing a brand or department

If you find yourself in a situation where you're re-organising things in the helpdesk, you might to remove some departments or brands.

Until now, you would have to manually re-assign any dependent tickets or create a macro to do it. We are now pleased to include the option to re-assign tickets en-masse if you're deleting a brand or department.

When you now come to remove either of these, you'll be prompted first if any tickets have been assigned, or if not you'll be told it's OK to remove it.

Remove Department

Some other improvements and features

As well as these new features, we have number of other enhancements that were included with the 5.3.0 release:

  • Optionally restrict the ability of users CC'd on an incoming ticket to add to the discussion and create them a new ticket instead
  • A warning will be displayed to account administrators when an account is in import mode
  • Display a verification badge next to ticket updates submitted by authenticated users
  • Account administrators will be notified when an e-mail address stops accepting incoming e-mail

For our full release notes, please visit our changelog, and if you have any questions please get in touch with us via .

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