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How to deal with unhappy customers

Posted in September 2014 

I've had experiences with unhappy customers and I'd wager that anyone in the customer's firing line has been there too.

Gulp & Rails

Posted in July 2014 

I’ve recently started using Gulp rather than the built-in asset pipeline in Rails. Gulp provides a fair amount of additional flexibility and functionality which I am very much enjoying.

Apple Push Notifications using HTTP

Posted in June 2014 

I’ve recently been working on developing an iOS application for Sirportly  — a helpdesk product which we run & develop at aTech. As part of this application, it became necessary for...

Set the top border colour of a UINavBar

Posted in June 2014 

I’ve recently started developing iOS applications and on my journey of discovery I have discovered a number of useful little gems of information which I wanted to share.

Setting up an office network

Posted in December 2013 

Our office connectivity is relatively simple and pretty standard for most offices, so I thought I would share our configuration and how we’ve set everything up. I thought a blog...

Reminiscing: Desklamp

Posted in December 2013 

Back in 2006 when aTech was just a fledgling web design company, I started work on a CRM-type application to help us manage clients, jobs & quotes.

Introducing Shoppe

Posted in November 2013 

During October, I started looking for an e-commerce platform we could use to launch our first line shop for Dial 9. We needed to be able to sell products from...

Re‑designing the aTech Media logo

Posted in November 2013 

For the last months, I have been busy working on re-designing the logos for a number of our brands & companies. I wanted to explain a little of my reasoning...

Submodule Support in Deploy

Posted in August 2013 

Git submodules and Mercurial subrepos provide a mechanism to easily include shared code and libraries in your repository with a minimum of fuss.


Posted in August 2013 

aTech recently were responsible for the complete re-launch of Rails Forum - a message board for Ruby on Rails developers. Unfortunately, the previous incarnation had filled with spam due to...

Designing the aTech infrastructure

Posted in July 2013 

When we started building our own web applications we knew there would come a day when we would need to start getting serious about hosting our tools on the internet....

Today's .io issues

Posted in July 2013 

This afternoon there was an issue which affected all .io domains across the internet. As there has been no official word from ICB (the registrar which runs .io domains among...