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Home‑made crunchie ice cream

Posted in December 2014 

With Christmas fast approaching and with indulgence and over-eating very much part of the holiday, I made one of my favourite desserts — Crunchie Ice Cream. This is a bit of an...

Christmas 2014

Posted in December 2014 

It's coming up to Christmas time here at aTech HQ. We'll be closed for the Christmas period from 24th December until 2nd January. During this time, you won't be able...

Finding a frontend workflow isn't easy

Posted in December 2014 

When I joined aTech Media in March this year, I was confident in my CSS methodology and workflow. It made sense to me, and I was confident that everyone around...

Introducing Deploy 2.0

Posted in December 2014 

Deploy's interface has remained pretty much unchanged since it's beta introduction in 2010. The app has changed since then and become more complicated, so we decided to give it a...

Ruby Tips & Tricks (part 2)

Posted in November 2014 

Last week, I posted part one of my Ruby Tips & Tricks for people new to Ruby. In part two, we've got a whole new set of fantastic things you may find useful:

Ruby Tips & Tricks (part 1)

Posted in November 2014 

Every day I use a huge number of different Ruby features and I take them for granted. It's not until you are thrown into the world of PHP or vanilla...

The EU, Tech Companies & VAT

Posted in October 2014 

Starting from January 2015, there are going to be some changes to way EU tech companies need to charge VAT to consumers. In the past, you would simply charge EU...

Documentation Engine for Rails

Posted in October 2014 

A couple of months ago, I wrote a Rails engine which provides applications with complete documentation library functionality by simply adding a gem.

Encrypting & signing stuff in Ruby

Posted in October 2014 

Securing your communications between parts of your infrastructure has never been more important. For encryption, in most cases, you can rely on normal SSL on HTTP connections (HTTPS) however what...