During October, I started looking for an e-commerce platform we could use to launch our first line shop for Dial 9. We needed to be able to sell products from a number of categories, accept a payment and mark the order as shipped.

I looked at a number of potential solutions, ranging from Spree & Magento to hosted solutions like Shopify but I couldn’t really find anythign which met my needs and I was happy with using.

I then decided to quickly build something in Rails and Shoppe was born. I originally was planning to just build something for the Dial 9 shop but was persuaded to build it as an engine which can be plugged into any Rails application to expose a wealth of e-commerce functionality.


Shoppe is a full Ruby on Rails engine which provides all the models needed to accept orders through a checkout process, integrate with any payment processor as well as having a beautiful user interface for managing products & orders.

It’s a completely open source project released under the MIT licence. It has a lovely little website and some excellent documentation to help anyone get started.

Check out the demo to see an example frontend store and access the backend Shoppe interface.


So… if you’re looking for some e-commerce platform, why not take a look at Shoppe?

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