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Backups for hobby databases

Posted in January 2015 

Today we're launching our new database backup feature. This allows you to simply enable backups for any of your hobby/dev databases and we'll automatically take and store historical dumpfiles of...

Production database lifecycle

Posted in December 2014 

Our production databases provide you with a fault-tolerant platform for storing all your application data. In this post, I just wanted to outline exactly how these databases run and what...

Hosting Static HTML Websites

Posted in December 2014 

We've just pushed a new template to Viaduct which allows you easily deploy static websites to Viaduct. A static website is any folder which contains HTML files (plus any assets...

Christmas 2014

Posted in December 2014 

It's coming up to Christmas time here but nothing will really will change for Viaduct users. Our systems are monitored 24/7/265 and should anything occur our team will be on...

Identifying Crashed LXC Containers

Posted in December 2014 

This is a slightly technical post which I just wanted to put out there to assist anyone who may run into the problem. If you're not using Linux Containers, you...

Upgrading to production databases

Posted in December 2014 

Starting off with a Viaduct Hobby-level database is a great way to get your application up and running. However, when you enter production we strongly recommend upgrading your MySQL or...

Optimizing your MySQL Server

Posted in December 2014 

When building a scalable web application, the first performance problem most people will encounter is with their database queries. As your database grows, it is very likely that things will...

The Built‑in Viaduct PHP Server

Posted in December 2014 

Viaduct has always provided a built-in PHP server which can be used for hosting any PHP application on the platform. Until now, you just added a web process and used...

The Viaduct App Store

Posted in December 2014 

Viaduct is the ideal home for your web applications but it's also a great place to deploy other people's apps for your own use. For example, if you wanted to...

Change Repository URLs

Posted in December 2014 

Something we've been looking at for a while is the ability to change a repository URL once you have already deployed your application.

New Application Error Pages

Posted in December 2014 

In light of our recent redesign, it was time for us to refresh the look of the error pages which can appear if there are issues when accessing applications hosted...

Our Referral Programme

Posted in December 2014 

History tells us that word of mouth is one of the best tools to ensure growth. In light of that, we're announcing our new referral programme to encourage our users...