History tells us that word of mouth is one of the best tools to ensure growth. In light of that, we're announcing our new referral programme to encourage our users to talk about Viaduct to their friends and on social media.

It's simple. For each person who you refer to us who deploys an application, we'll credit your account with £20 free credit to use on any Viaduct service.


To get started, just login and look at the bottom right of our dashboard page. From here, you can find a unique URL to refer people to and a selection of useful images which you can use on your own websites.

Using your referral code

You can send users either to our website or to any page on the myViaduct system. Here's some examples...

  • http://viaduct.io/refer/code - sends a user to the homepage of the Viaduct website without your referral code in the resulting URL.
  • http://viaduct.io/?r=code - shows the homepage (or in fact, any subpage of the website).
  • https://my.viaduct.io/signup?_uref=code - shows the signup page directly and ensures their signup will be associated with you.

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