Viaduct is a hosting platform for deploying Ruby & PHP application to our high‑speed and highly available cloud. Designed by developers, for developers.

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Ruby 2.1.x Platform Changes

Posted in December 2014 

Due to Ruby's relatively new versioning policy, we will now only be maintaining one version of Ruby per minor release (for example, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 etc...). When a new tiny...

Installing Ghost on Viaduct

Posted in December 2014 

Ghost is a fantastic new blogging engine (which we're using here) and it's now fully supported on the Viaduct platform. It's really really easy to get started.


Posted in December 2014 

Today we're introducing Organizations. Organizations allow you to ensure that any of your Viaduct resources (currently Platform or WebPush apps) can be billed to given organization rather than always being...

Levelling‑up production databases

Posted in December 2014 

It's time to level-up production databases. Today we're announcing a new Tiny package which will allow you to deploy production-ready Mongo, Redis & memcache instances for just £7/month!

Invite others to your WebPush applications

Posted in December 2014 

If you've started using our new WebPush service, you can now invite your colleagues to manage your WebPush applications too. Just head over to the application and choose Permissions from...

Hello Viaduct WebPush

Posted in November 2014 

Viaduct WebPush is new service from Viaduct providing you with the tools you need to implement real-time messaging in your applications. Using web sockets, Viaduct WebPush includes the server-side infrastructure...

The Viaduct CLI Toolkit

Posted in November 2014 

It's all go at Viaduct HQ at the moment. As developers ourselves, we love efficiency. As we spend 90% of our day using our terminal, we thought it would be...

Say hello to our new website

Posted in November 2014 

After last week's new interface was published, our website was somewhat "lacking". Therefore, we're really pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! Do check it out we'd...

Deploying Rails 2.x apps on Viaduct

Posted in November 2014 

This blog post is for you if you happen to have an old legacy Rails 2.x (read: pre-bundler) application and wish to deploy it to Viaduct.

Accessing proxy logs

Posted in November 2014 

Hot on the heels of our new web interface, we're delighted to be able to provide you with access to see every request which passes through our proxies/load balancers to...

Our lovely new web interface

Posted in November 2014 

We're really pleased to announce the launch of new web interface. We've been working on this for a little while. If you have a Viaduct account, why not login and...


Automatic Deployments

Posted in October 2014 

A much requested feature is the ability to automatically deploy your Viaduct application when code is pushed to your repository. Well... I'm pleased to say this is now a reality.