Following the recent release of our updated Sirportly app for Android, we're delighted to announce the release of an updated app for iOS today.

If you haven't received a notification already about the update or you'd like to try it on an additional device, you can find it in the same place as before in the app store.

New Features

The changes include:

  • Added native iPad support with split view display
  • Enabled full screen mode for iPhone 6 and above
  • Added support for all interface orientations
  • Enabled the viewing of attachments
  • More tickets are now shown on screen at once for all resolutions
  • Notifications now open the ticket they are referring to
  • Fixed an issue where replying to, changing the properties of or running macros on tickets would not cause the ticket and filter lists to be updated
  • Tweaks to the UI to improve usability

iPad support

As always, please feel to drop us an email with any questions.

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