One of the great things about a helpdesk such as Sirportly is being able to support your customers by so many different means of communication, whether that's via email, Facebook, Twitter or even a simple help form on your website.

In Sirportly, we remove all the hassle of having to check multiple sources for messages via these different methods - just giving you one central inbox where you can check and respond to all messages in the same way.


Sirportly can pull in email from a wide variety of sources, with the flexibility of IMAP/POP polling or a simple mail forward offered for receiving emails.

Head to your email routing, click to add a new mailbox then choose either option to start. We have comprehensive detail about the process of adding a new incoming email address via forwarding in this article, or via IMAP/POP here.


In Sirportly you can add a twitter account straight to the helpdesk, allowing you to post new tweets and respond to questions directly, without the need to go to your chosen Twitter client each time.

You can find more information about setting up your Twitter accounts in our documentation.


In addition to Twitter, we also include the ability to add Facebook pages and see and respond to wall posts directly from the helpdesk.

We have more information about setting up your pages in our documentation.

Remote Forms

A lot of our customers have websites with a simple contact form that might send an email or post to a specific place so that their own customers can ask a question directly, rather than having to open up their mail client to do so.

In Sirportly you can customise your forms with a few simple changes to post these messages straight into your helpdesk.

You'll find information about setting this up in our documentation.

In summary, Sirportly can help in making sure that all your communication is put into one central place so that your customers can receive the best possible support experience, however they've decided to contact you.


As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or if you're new to Sirportly, just head to to see how we can help you provide great support to your customers.

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