My name is Dan. My primary role at aTech is to develop and maintain our hosted applications, such as Codebase and Deploy. I'm often the person who responds to helpdesk tickets where further investigation is needed. My preferences include; beer over lager, dogs over cats, coffee over tea and cars from the 80s.

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Better Contacts and Companies

Posted in June 2015 on the Sirportly blog

Today we're introducing a new way to view your contacts and their associated tickets; by company! Open up your Contacts tab in Sirportly and select 'View Companies' on the right.

Global Hooks

Posted in June 2015 on the Codebase blog

Codebase has always offered users a way to post project-events to third party services such as Slack or HipChat, or to your own services using HTTP Post. Unfortunately, up until...

Syntax Highlighted Diffs

Posted in May 2015 on the Codebase blog

Hot on the heels of our Side-by-Side Diff Views update comes syntax highlighting in diffs. This should make reading diffs much easier than before.

Side-by‑side Diff Views

Posted in May 2015 on the Codebase blog

Sometimes the traditional diff view can be hard to read, particularly in busy changesets where you have a lot of deletions and additions.

FTPS Support

Posted in April 2015 on the DeployHQ blog

Good news if you need to use FTP to upload your files to your server, but you'd like a little extra security. Today we're introducing support with for FTPS (SSL/TLS).

Managing your threads with Queue

Posted in April 2015 on the Codebase blog

One of my favourite utilities in the Ruby standard library is the Queue class. Queue provides you with a delightfully simple way to synchronise communication between threads. Typically, Queue is...

Improved Exceptions

Posted in April 2015 on the Codebase blog

We've given the exception reporting in Codebase a bit of a revamp in the last few days. Up until now, each individual exception has been displayed on the exceptions page...