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Devops & Infrastructure

An insight into the way we run the infrastructure that runs all our services.

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Event driven servers in Ruby

Posted in June 2017 on the aTech Media blog

We use a lot of different server software here to accomplish various tasks. In the case of web servers, there is a great deal of excellent software available to achieve...

Seamless socket server restarts in Ruby

Posted in March 2017 on the aTech Media blog

We utilise a variety of custom socket servers to support our applications. Most of our apps have at least one. We write RPC servers to interact with repository storage in...

Preparing a new Mac

Posted in April 2015 on the aTech Media blog

I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my trusty Macbook Pro from Mavericks to Yosemite and taken the opportunity to give the machine a bit of a cleanup. I...

Setting up an office network

Posted in December 2013 on the aTech Media blog

Our office connectivity is relatively simple and pretty standard for most offices, so I thought I would share our configuration and how we’ve set everything up. I thought a blog...

Today's .io issues

Posted in July 2013 on the aTech Media blog

This afternoon there was an issue which affected all .io domains across the internet. As there has been no official word from ICB (the registrar which runs .io domains among...