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aTech Media & the GDPR

Posted in April 2018 on the aTech Media blog

As you will no doubt be aware, a new set of data protection regulations known as the GDPR will be arriving on the 25th May. These regulations are wide reaching...

Welcome to

Posted in March 2017 on the aTech Media blog

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I'm ready to announce our new blog. We've made blogs before and it's always been a very lacklustre affair either on top...

A new website

Posted in May 2015 on the aTech Media blog

We're currently working on making our branding more consistent. This started when we launched the new aTech Identity interface and then started our new suggestions site.

A new look aTech Identity

Posted in March 2015 on the aTech Media blog

For those of you who don't know, aTech Identity is our single sign on system which is used across many of our apps to allow you to login to any...

Christmas 2014

Posted in December 2014 on the aTech Media blog

It's coming up to Christmas time here at aTech HQ. We'll be closed for the Christmas period from 24th December until 2nd January. During this time, you won't be able...

Introducing Deploy 2.0

Posted in December 2014 on the aTech Media blog

Deploy's interface has remained pretty much unchanged since it's beta introduction in 2010. The app has changed since then and become more complicated, so we decided to give it a...