Hot on the heels of yesterday's click tracking announcement, we're delighted to announce Open Tracking for AppMail.

Open tracking works in a very similar way to the click tracking. When enabled, we'll insert a small image into the footer of any HTML e-mails you send out through AppMail. When this image is loaded by the recipient, it will be logged as a view and you'll be notified with a webhook.

From the activity page for a message, you'll be able to see each view along with the IP address & user agent that was used to view the message.

We've also added a number of other features which affect both click & view tracking.

  • You can now enable/disable click and/or view tracking independently by changing the settings on your tracking domains.
  • The list of messages includes an "Opened" label which tells you if a message has been viewed or any link in it has been clicked.


For more information, check out our documentation.

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