The Viaduct API allows you to interact with your account and your Viaduct resources programmatically. For example, you can easily use it to start a deployment or see the current status of your applications.

However, if you want to just write your own quick script to do something, you need to register an application and then generate your own user tokens. That's why we've introduced personal access tokens.

Personal access tokens are API credentials which you can generate for your own user from the web interface in Viaduct. You will be given a token & secret which you can then use to authenticate to the API.


Check out the documentation to get started using these personal access tokens. You might use them for:

  • Setting up a CI server to automatically deploy when your tests are passing.
  • Creating a client-side script to return the status of all your applications.

To generate a new token, just:

  1. Go to your Settings page
  2. Select API and then Authorized Apps/Tokens
  3. Click Generate Personal Access Token
  4. Enter a label/description for your new token
  5. Make a note of your token/secret.

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