Today we're launching our new database backup feature. This allows you to simply enable backups for any of your hobby/dev databases and we'll automatically take and store historical dumpfiles of your database.

Why should I backup?

As hobby/dev databases aren't designed for production use they don't include the same level of redundancy or backups as our production databases.

Should anything happen to our database servers and we are unable to restore your data, we will use this backup to restore your database automatically. If you don't have backups enabled, you'd just get an empty database to re-populate yourself.

How much does it cost?

Depending on how much you want to backup, we have a number of backup packages which you can choose from. The package you choose which set how often we take backups and how many historical backups we store.


Once you have some backups, you can easily restore them or download them to your local computer for restoration elsewhere.

Getting started

It only takes a few clicks to enable backups.

  1. To enable backups, just login to your myViaduct account.
  2. Choose the application you wish to backup
  3. Go to the Databases page
  4. Any of your dev/hobby databases which doesn't have backups, will have a link laballed No backups. Click this and then choose a package.
  5. We'll take care of the rest. Your first backup will be taken straight away.


We hope to expand this functionality to include production databases and persistent directories. However, both of these already include system-level backups as they are part of our redundant storage architecture.

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