As part of our continued efforts to ensure everyone can host their sites in the most secure way possible, today we're excited to launch our new bring your own certificate feature.

Viaduct already offers a fantastic SSL service (we call this Standard SSL) which takes the hassle out of obtaining a certificate for your application. To use this, you simply need to click a button in myViaduct and we handle the rest.


The new bring your own certificate (BYOC) service allows you to upload your own private key & certificate for any of your custom domains. This allows you to obtain your SSL certificates from other certificate authorities and use them on the Viaduct platform.

Unlike our Standard SSL, the BYOC SSL uses a relatively new feature of SSL called SNI. This means that it is slightly less well supported in some older web browsers (most noticebly anything on Windows XP and some older Blackberry devices) and therefore may not be suitable for every application.

The BYOC service costs just £2.50/month for each certificate you want to upload. Obviously this excludes any costs which you may be charged by your chosen certificate authority.

Adding your own certificate is simple.

  1. Login to your myViaduct account
  2. Choose the application you want to add a custom certificate to.
  3. Go to the Domains page and click Add SSL next to the domain you want to add the certificate to.
  4. Choose Upload Certificate from the BYOC section.
  5. Copy and paste your private key and certificate into the fields on the page and press submit.
  6. You're done. Visit your domain to check that SSL is working as you expect.

We plan to expand on this service in the not too distant future to allow you to generate a certificate signing requests (CSRs) from Viaduct and purchase all types of certificate through our web interface.

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