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Improve session security in Rails apps

Posted in February 2015 on the aTech Media blog

In Rails applications, it’s really easy to allow users to login to your application. You ask them for a username & password, you check they’re correct and you pop their...

Documentation Engine for Rails

Posted in October 2014 on the aTech Media blog

A couple of months ago, I wrote a Rails engine which provides applications with complete documentation library functionality by simply adding a gem.

Gulp & Rails

Posted in July 2014 on the aTech Media blog

I’ve recently started using Gulp rather than the built-in asset pipeline in Rails. Gulp provides a fair amount of additional flexibility and functionality which I am very much enjoying.

Apple Push Notifications using HTTP

Posted in June 2014 on the aTech Media blog

I’ve recently been working on developing an iOS application for Sirportly  — a helpdesk product which we run & develop at aTech. As part of this application, it became necessary for...

Introducing Shoppe

Posted in November 2013 on the aTech Media blog

During October, I started looking for an e-commerce platform we could use to launch our first line shop for Dial 9. We needed to be able to sell products from...