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Welcome to

Posted in March 2017 on the aTech Media blog

It is with much anticipation and excitement that I'm ready to announce our new blog. We've made blogs before and it's always been a very lacklustre affair either on top...

Artboard 20

A first look at Coact

Posted in July 2015 on the aTech Media blog

We've started work on the application and I'm really excited to be able to reveal the first look at the new interface for Coact. The screenshots you'll see below are part of the Client areas.

A new website

Posted in May 2015 on the aTech Media blog

We're currently working on making our branding more consistent. This started when we launched the new aTech Identity interface and then started our new suggestions site.

A new look aTech Identity

Posted in March 2015 on the aTech Media blog

For those of you who don't know, aTech Identity is our single sign on system which is used across many of our apps to allow you to login to any...

Reminiscing: Desklamp

Posted in December 2013 on the aTech Media blog

Back in 2006 when aTech was just a fledgling web design company, I started work on a CRM-type application to help us manage clients, jobs & quotes.