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Is there such a thing as too many plug‑ins?

Posted in January 2020 on the Krystal blog

Is there such a thing as too many plug-ins? It's great that Wordpress is open-source and as a result there are many great plug-ins out there, ranging from site security to additional functionality. It's easy to install them all and call it a day – but how many is too many, and why is that the case?

A Breakdown of the Best Web Hosting Options

Posted in January 2020 on the Krystal blog

Choosing a suitable web hosting package can be daunting for many people. The differences in hosting can appear to be minimal or non existent, but in our case (and many others) there are fundamental differences that should be taken into consideration before deciding on a package. 

How to choose the perfect domain

Posted in October 2019 on the Krystal blog

One of the most difficult tasks when starting a website is choosing a domain name. Your domain needs to define your website and your brand, without being overly complicated. We know it can be a tough process, so we want to help! Let us share with you our tips and tricks for choosing the best domain for your website.