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Resizing your uploaded images

Posted in March 2017 on the aTech Media blog

A couple of days ago I wrote about uploading attachments and in this tutorial I'm going to look at doing some processing on those attachments once they have been uploaded....

How to install Staytus from scratch

Posted in March 2017 on the aTech Media blog

Staytus is the open source publishing platform that I developed last year when we needed something simple to help us communicate with our customers when issues arise with our service....

New Relic & Viaduct

Posted in April 2015 on the Viaduct blog

New Relic provides a platform to help you monitor and improve the speed of your applications. It also works well with any Viaduct application.

Using Cloudinary on Viaduct

Posted in April 2015 on the Viaduct blog

Cloudinary offer a range of cloud services to help with processing & storing images. It's ideal when you don't fancy working with ImageMagick yourself (and who does?)

Sending desktop notifications with Noti

Posted in April 2015 on the Codebase blog

A little while ago we launched Noti which is a little tool to help sending desktop notifications from web applications to desktop machines when you're not actively browsing the website.

String Interpolation in Rails

Posted in April 2015 on the aTech Media blog

A while ago I wrote a small library to handle string interpolation in a Rails application. The library allows you to safely allow users to insert variables into strings they...