Adam is the managing director at aTech Media. A software developer & designer by trade specialising in Ruby & Rails - with over 130 open source repos. When not computer-ing, Adam enjoys a bit of baking, Formula 1 and playing FlightSim.

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Open tracking

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

Hot on the heels of yesterday's click tracking announcement, we're delighted to announce Open Tracking for AppMail. Open tracking works in a very similar way to the click tracking.

Click tracking now available

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

Knowing when and what links your recipients click in your outbound messages can be very handy. We're excited to announce that you can now set up click tracking for all the outbound...

The AppMail Starter Pack

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

we're pleased to be introducing our Starter Pack. This is an addon that can be added to any organization and allows you to send up to 100,000 e-mails each month.

AppMail for PHP

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

We've just pushed a little PHP library which will help PHP users send e-mails through AppMail.

AppMail replacing our built‑in SMTP service

Posted in November 2016 on the Viaduct blog

Earlier this week we launched AppMail which is an e-mail platform designed for developers like you. AppMail can handle all your incoming & outgoing e-mail and offers an easy to...

Welcome to AppMail

Posted in November 2016 on the AppMail blog

AppMail is an e-mail delivery platform for developers to handle incoming & outgoing e-mail. With a easy to use and friendly web interface and sophisticated APIs...

Running Ruby apps in production

Posted in October 2016 on the aTech Media blog

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a number of Ruby applications which have a requirement to run a few different types of process — web servers, workers, crons — in order...

Get your phone system ready for the summer

Posted in June 2016 on the Dial 9 blog

The great British bank holiday season may be over, but school holidays are creeping up on us and it seems like almost everyone has some time off scheduled over the...

Our new website is live

Posted in May 2016 on the Dial 9 blog

Here at Dial 9, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new look website - which you'll still be able to access at We've embraced our...

Top tips for your on‑hold messaging

Posted in May 2016 on the Dial 9 blog

Most of us will have experience of hanging on the phone line to reach the right person - in fact, on average 7 out of 10 business callers are placed...

Introducing the Dial 9 portal

Posted in March 2016 on the Dial 9 blog

In order to enhance your customer experience, we are pleased to introduce to you our new Account Management Portal, designed to make managing your Dial 9 account even easier than...

New pricing for applications

Posted in March 2016 on the Viaduct blog

Since we launched, we've allowed applications to be deployed to our platform free of charge. Our free applications allow you to deploy applications with a single process without paying anything...