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Direct access to processes & databases

Posted in May 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Your Viaduct environment is usually safely ensconced on our private network and inaccessible from the outside world. However, there are times when you need direct access to certain components of...

Git submodules now available

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Git users can now take advantage of submodules in their repositories. Until now, submodules could not be deployed using Viaduct.

Sexy console colours

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

The Viaduct logging interface was improved a couple of weeks ago to make it even easier to see exactly what your processes are saying to you.

Easy repository selection from GitHub

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

If you store your repositories on GitHub, you'll now find that deploying them from Viaduct is even easier than before. Instead of copy and pasting URLs and keys all over...

Pro‑tips for PHP users

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

If you're deploying a PHP application to Viaduct, here are a couple of tips which may help you along the way.

Easy deployments with zip files

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

When we launched, we promised a number of different ways of getting your code from your computer to our platform. While we recommend that most people use a repository as...

Share your applications with others

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

In Viaduct each application is owned by a Viaduct user who is able to configure & deploy it. Application owners can now share their applications with anyone else allowing them...

Improved Logging Interface

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

We've recently pushed out some nice changes to our logging facilities. This includes a new log viewer which allows you to watch activity live in your browser in an easy...

So wow. Live first site is.

Posted in February 2014 on the Viaduct blog

After months of extremely hard work, I am so excited to announce that the first application has just been deployed to the new production Viaduct platform.

Introducing Viaduct

Posted in December 2013 on the Viaduct blog

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post on the Viaduct blog! In this initial post I wanted to quickly explain our plans and what we're doing about making them a...